# Bun Nook Kit ![[BNK Logo.webp]] **Bun Nook Kit (BNK)** is a comprehensive toolkit for software development, leveraging the power of Bun and TypeScript. With zero third-party dependencies, strong TypeScript inferencing, and a focus on Web API standards, BNK offers a modular, type-safe, and efficient way to build robust applications. ![GitHub License](https://img.shields.io/github/license/nookit-dev/bnkit) ![npm](https://img.shields.io/npm/v/bnkit?logo=npm) ![GitHub release (with filter)](https://img.shields.io/github/v/release/nookit-dev/bnkit) ![Stars](https://img.shields.io/github/stars/nookit-dev/bnkit) ![npm bundle size](https://img.shields.io/bundlephobia/min/bnkit) ![Libraries.io dependency status for latest release](https://img.shields.io/librariesio/release/npm/bnkit) ![X (formerly Twitter) Follow](https://img.shields.io/twitter/follow/bun_nook_kit) ![Discord](https://img.shields.io/discord/1164699087543746560) ## Quickstart ```bash bash <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nookit-dev/bnkit/main/scripts/quickstart.sh) ``` After you run the quickstart script it'll prompt you with the code to add to your zshrc/bashrc, this CLI script will point to the latest version of bnkit when using the CLI ## [Optional - CLI Install Instructions](bnk-cli/bnk-cli-readme.md) # [View Bun Nook Kit Modules](modules.md) Bun Nook Kit has a variety of module to help you build any web based application from a CLI to a fullstack web server. Plug the modules into an existing project as long as you can run Bun, or start your next project entirely on BNK and experience a much simpler development experience. ## [Bun Nook Kit Project GitHub](https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit) ## Key Features - **Zero Third-Party Dependencies**: BNK relies solely on [Bun](https://bun.sh), ensuring lightweight and efficient operation. - **Strong TypeScript Type Inferencing**: Enhances code reliability and eases development with powerful type support. - **Modular Design**: Provides flexibility to use only what you need for your project. - **Web API Standards**: Ensures broad compatibility and future-proofing. ## Stop Analysis Paralysis and Start Building The goal of BNK is to provide a set of tools in which a developer can rapidly develop full-stack interactive JavaScript application with no additional dependencies, BNK relies on nothing but the APIs provided by Bun. Bun is now on >1.0 and is stable and as such BNK is focusing on providing a stable 1.0 release to lock in the APIs. ### Use What You need #### Build a full stack server with templating: Example of how you use the following modules to build out a full stack server - [Server Module](readmes/server.md) handle the application business logic - generate webpages on the server with... - [HTMLody Module](readmes/htmlody.md) HTML templating with JSON object syntax. With a Tailwind-like CSS utility library! - [SQLite Module](readmes/sqlite.md) store permanent data! - [Auth Module](readmes/auth.md) - If your application requires it! ## Community Join our [Discord Server](https://discord.gg/rQyWN7V6) for support, discussions, and updates. ## Screenshots An HTMLody component, as well the TypeScript inference abilities as all the types shown in the in intellisense were inferred from the SQLite schema configured for the user subscription. <img width="656" alt="Xnapper-2023-11-15-00 26 10" src="https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit-docs/assets/18100375/70dc6060-4897-4603-b027-e3f81076738d"> The next two screenshots show how easy it can be to create and start a server - even with middleware with great type inference. <img width="555" alt="Xnapper-2023-11-14-19 43 47" src="https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit/assets/18100375/0d66c9ec-0f3a-487c-98f8-8c14faeaa82d"> <img width="582" alt="Xnapper-2023-11-14-19 47 14" src="https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit/assets/18100375/78afc0e7-46c0-4269-8072-e8622f111b08"> Lastly, an example showing direct importing from the htmlody module. <img width="478" alt="Xnapper-2023-11-14-19 51 14" src="https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit/assets/18100375/9a70c8fa-a88a-48fc-95de-6c8dbadcb047"> For those on GitHub: ### [View Interactive Docs - Nookit.dev](https://nookit.dev/) ## License BNK is available under the MIT License - free for personal and commercial use. --- Bun Nook Kit - An attempt at keeping developers out of dependency hell. Contribute to The Docs: [Bun Nook Kit Docs GitHub](https://github.com/nookit-dev/bnkit-docs)